What is SheepDog Society LLC and Who are we?

SheepDog Society LLC is a rapidly growing organization of American Patriots and SheepDogs who are dedicated to protecting and preserving our American way of life, our morals & values, our liberties, and our freedoms as provided by our Creator and the United States Constitution.


SheepDog Society members are well-trained civilians, active military & veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders.


Every state, every city, every town and every community in our great nation should be prosperous, productive, and safe for all citizens. As American citizens, we deserve no less than being able to live in safe communities, being safe in our persons and the comfort of sleeping safely in our beds at night. Don't you agree?

Let’s face the facts, nobody wants to end up a victim of crime, violence, or terrorism. But the cold hard reality we have to face is that all of these are happening to our fellow citizens daily. Knowing how to defend yourself and being able to defend yourself and your loved ones is now an important part of living in today's society.


Join as a free member today and start learning the skills necessary to become a SheepDog.

SheepDogs are selfless individuals who live to protect others and stand ready to confront evil whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.


SheepDogs are protectors of our families and communities.


SheepDogs are active and positive members of their communities.


SheepDogs readily help others in need or crisis and know what to do.


SheepDogs are strong morally, mentally, and physically.


SheepDogs are always prepared for a fight.


SheepDogs live to defend our nation from all threats, Foreign and Domestic.


SheepDogs have taken an Oath to protect our United States Constitution. That is what we will do.

We will defend these with our lives if called upon. Any hour, Any day, Anywhere.

Our skills and training will give us the confidence and keep us prepared for anything we'll encounter.


We protect the weak and defenseless from the Wolves.


We will defend that which we love the most with no regret or hesitation.


Membership has it's privileges!
SheepDog Society Members get great discounts on our line of personal self-defense products. We offer the lowest prices available on the market, easy and secure checkout, and fast shipping right to your door.
Membership is always free.


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