Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in!

Well SheepDogs, it looks as if we are going to have to stay with this website until we can find a way to transfer our member accounts over to the new website. We are putting the new website on hold for now and are going to focus on making this site easier to use and more interactive for our members. This website was originally designed to promote firearms training and everything that goes with that, product sales, and self-defense training and everything that goes with that. But with the template, it wasn't a good fit. I'll admit it, I didn't realize this was a blog template when I picked it, so now I'm stuck with Learn from my mistake, take your time and choose wisely. So when life gives you lemons? You know the rest.

The deadline to renew the yearly subscription is coming up soon and I'd like to kindly ask everyone to please check out some of our products in our store. This is how we keep the website and newsletter going. I'll be working on the site all this week adding new products and as well as adding content to the site, we'll be doing much more with our blog and forum to create an organization of SheepDogs across the nation. Also, before ordering any stun guns or pepper spray, please check your state and local laws which we have listed on the website. Big changes are coming!!

And never forget!

Thank you,

SheepDog Society LLC.

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