We are working to make our site better! Any suggestions?

Hello SheepDogs, First and foremost, I would like to thank all of our SheepDog Society members for signing up and being patient as we work to make our website better and easier to use. We are currently looking for some options to make our forum more engaging. Remember, free speech in our forum is encouraged and not punished, just as long as you follow the rules. That's all that we ask and that's not much. We are also forming groups on our site for like minded SheepDogs and Patriots to be able to come together in a more focused atmosphere. I'm no expert at this, but I'm trying my best. Even with a drag and drop editor. I should have taken up web design when I had the chance years ago, but I'm learning the hard way now and that's by diving right in and just doing it. By the time I'm done, this site will be well polished. So please hang in there. I can use all of the feedback and suggestions you can throw at me. As I'm designing I'll keep note of what our members want and try my very best to deliver.

Thank you, SheepDog Society LLC

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