What is SheepDog Society?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

What is SheepDog Society?

SheepDog Society is an organization of individuals who have taken an oath to defend The United States of America and Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. SheepDogs are professionals dedicated to preserving life and liberty.

SheepDog Society members consist of Well-Trained Civilians, Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders from every state across this great nation.

SheepDogs are skilled individuals who live to confront evil whenever and wherever it may rear its ugly head. We live for the day.

SheepDogs are strong morally, mentally, and physically. SheepDogs are prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones, our nation and our Constitution with our very lives. SheepDogs will always stand ready to defend our freedoms, our way of life and our core values. If aggression be our only option, then we will defeat all evils without prejudice. SheepDogs are the protectors of society. It's in our DNA. It's who we are. Who we were born to be. SheepDogs protect the weak and those who are unable to defend themselves from the wolves.

Can anyone be a SheepDog? Not everyone possesses the qualities or character of a SheepDog naturally, some of us are just born this way, but through education and training, anyone can learn to be a SheepDog.

Who are the Sheep? The Sheep are those who have no capacity for violence, nor are they willing to defend themselves. They rely on the SheepDog, but they don't like us much. You see, a SheepDog is much like the Wolf. We would never hurt the Sheep. We will meet the Wolf with ferocity and we will beat the Wolf because we are righteous and skilled.

Who are SheepDogs and what sets them apart from others? SheepDogs are men and women who feel a need to protect others. SheepDogs defend the weak from the Wolves. It's something we are born with, it's in our DNA. A SheepDog guards and protects the flock. We are not deterred by fear, violence, or circumstance.

Why should I join SheepDog Society? There are a lot of great reasons to join SheepDog Society. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of SheepDogs. We are Family, Friends, and the Protectors of our communities.

We take care of our own as we also take care of the flock. Our charity begins at home and spreads out to reach many places.

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