The Streetwise iSafe Laptop Bag protects you with the bulletproof plate shown in this video.


This is no ordinary laptop bag. It is designed for those who take their personal security seriously. It’s like having a bodyguard with you all the time. There are many high-quality bags on the market today but unlike other bags, at the first sign of danger you can pull the concealed pull pin to unleash dual 120 dB sirens and a high-intensity strobe light. Most importantly it’s bulletproof! You will have peace of mind knowing that it will protect you from nearly all handgun rounds (including a 44 Magnum) as well as sharp or pointed weapons.



World’s first bulletproof laptop bag with alarm and strobe light

Capable of stopping nearly all handgun rounds (even 9mm and .44 Magnum!)

The highest level of protection currently available for lightweight (soft) armor

Durable 840 Ballistic Nylon construction

16” x 12“ x 7.5”

Padded Laptop sleeve compartment holds up to 15.4“ screen

Large organizer compartment

Reinforced Carrying handles

Side elastic compartment

Durable zinc die-cast hardware

Adjustable padded shoulder strap

Concealed activation switch

Two high-decibel alarms

High-intensity strobe light

One Year Warranty



Streetwise iSAFE Bulletproof Laptop Bag w/Alarm


For Toll-Free Product Support Please Call (866) 220-0272

Streetwise iSAFE Bulletproof Laptop Bag w/Alarm

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