The TASER Strikelight is a great safety and discrete self-defense product in one compact, light-weight unit. It is the perfect addition to your glovebox or as a self-protection tool for hikes or late-night dog walks. Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, the Strikelight is the perfect device for everyday civilian self-defense. The bright light provides safety but can also deter an attack if shined directly in a potential attacker's eyes. If he continues to advance, the loud intimidating sound of the stun device acts as a deterrent as well. If he still continues to advance, a jolt from the powerful stun device will certainly put him down, giving you time to get away.



Contact Stun

Lightweight - Only 9.5 ounces

Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery

Easy Operation - Separate controls for flashlight and stun

High intensity Light Beam

Anti-Roll Design

Durable - Rugged aluminum design fortified with high impact polymer housing

1-Year Warranty



TASER Strikelight

Wall Charger

Wrist Strap


For Toll-Free Product Support Please Call: (866) 220-0272

TASER Strikelight Flashlight Stun Gun

SKU: 38000
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